Bingo Quiz

Bingo Quiz

We could have written a boring glossary but we at like to be a tad different. We know our followers enjoy a challenge, that’s why they play bingo in the first place. So just a little bit of fun for all our “bingoholics” out there to work out our very own bingo quiz. We are sure, no we are positive that you are “au fait” with the terminology if you are a regular bingo player. And if you are new to bingo then this is a good way to increase your vocabulary and impress your like-minded friends. Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

it's bingo quiz time!

So we have concocted a little brain teaser for you to work out when you have a spare moment in your busy schedule. To make it harder we have scrambled the meaning sentences, so you have to work that out. That’s a bit nasty I hear you say!!! We put the bingo related words at the top so you just have to unscramble the meanings and match them to the words. Ok got that?

Good luck, have fun and most of all enjoy all things bingo (and our bingo quiz!).

Words to match the meaning:

Bingo rooms
Wrap up
Bingo Lingo
Any way
Lights out
Chat Master
Instant bingo


The Scrambled Meanings:

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To get the answers to our bingo quiz simply visit the Bingo Blog on the top right tab of the page and if you want to get yourself a nice little bingo bonus, visit our bonus page here.