Granville Strategy

Granville Strategy

This might not appeal to everyone but it’s worth writing about as there is quite a lot of sense in it and it makes for interesting reading. So here goes… There once was an American writer and mathematician called Joseph Granville who wrote a paper on how he was able to prove that bingo was not just a game of luck and strategy could be applied to the game. Reading that statement may seem bonkers to the majority of us as we play bingo to win but we don’t associate any real strategy to the game – if we win we feel that it was just our time to win! Anyway, after studying years worth of games, he figured out that there was a pattern to the game that if followed, your chances of winning increased.

Now, I bet you’re reading with interest!

And the beauty of his theory wasn’t as simple as – you buy more tickets and you have a better chance to win.. on the contrary, he proved that you could actually buy less tickets yet still have a better chance of winning.


So how does this all work?

Ok so firstly, the examples of Granville strategy were written on 75 ball bingo – remember he is from America and that is what is played there.

So, obviously in 75 ball bingo, there are 75 balls that get randomly selected and the chances of guessing the number of first ball to come out would be 1 in 75 (1/75). Each number has the same probability of being drawn out.

Sill with us?

Ok, so we can also assume the following:

1) High and low numbers drawn should balance out with the more balls that are randomly selected

2) Odd and even numbers drawn should balance out with the more balls that are randomly selected

3) The chance if numbers ending in  ‘0’s’, ‘1’s’, ‘2’s’, ‘3’s’, ‘4’s’ and so on should balance out with the more balls that are randomly selected

Still with us?

Ok so what does this all mean in reality?

When you play in a Bingo hall you don’t get to choose your tickets or cards, they get given to you but online, you can usually select your tickets. According to Joseph Granville strategy – to help give you more chance of winning is to try and choose tickets that has a good balance between high and low / odd and even / and numbers ending in ‘1’s, ‘2’s, ‘3’s’ etc

Interesting.. and we would love to hear from you if you try this strategy and it works out!

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