The majority of people, in fact the world and his wife, know the word “Bingo” be it the incredibly popular game or the expression “Bingo, I got it right, it works, yippie”.

The origin of the game goes back to an Italian lottery way back in 1530. The concept was introduced to France in the 1770’s. Later the Germans played a type of bingo, which was an educational child’s game. Now fast forward and move a continent to North America 1929 and Bingo was called Beano.

At that time players used dried beans to mark their card (hence the name Beano, logical now we get it!!!) when they heard the random numbers drawn up by the caller. Believe it or believe it not, well the story goes like this… One day a very excitable woman on seeing that she had filled her card successfully, “hollered out”, at the top of her voice, BINGO. It was a slip of the tongue but what a fortuitous one, for the new word stuck and the fabulous game was forever more known as Bingo.


Bingo is enjoyed by the masses, no you are never too posh to play and therefore you can never stereotype a bingo enthusiast. They come from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, and that is refreshing in this day and age. A level playing field for once. They are people who relish sociability, fun and the competitive edge of the game. It’s an (all can be included game) not elitist only for the upper echelons of society.

You can and many people play bingo with their kids to help them recognize numbers in a fun way, no pressure, not for money or prizes, just for the sheer enjoyment of playing as a family. And Granny and Granddad can participate too, in fact it’s good for them. The young and the not so young need to keep their brain active and that’s the beauty of the game.

Playing bingo improves your cognitive skills, now that’s a big bonus. You need to concentrate, be alert and listen attentively. It’s also great for relieving stress because being in a fun environment, you can forget your worries and woes and your humdrum problems for a while, and that’s healthy to escape for a bit.

Bingo, it seems is the number one fundraiser for charities. Churches used bingo events to generate money for good and trustworthy causes. People participating had a “feel good” factor because not only were they having fun they were also supporting charity at the same time. A win win situation all round. We read a statistic that Scottish people play more bingo than their English counterparts.

Wherever you hail from, bingo players have a reputation for being superstitious. Seemingly Margaret is an ultra lucky name in bingo circles. So come on Maggie let’s play bingo and your lucky name may rub off on us too!! Lucky pens, lucky chairs, special numbers, the colour purple are all taken into consideration. Some people even walk around their chair three times before they sit down…well it all adds to the fun and the drama. Public interest in bingo in the UK grew massively in the swinging 60s and then the 70s. There were almost 2000 Bingo clubs in the UK at that time due to the fact that theatres began closing because the public’s taste for entertainment had changed. Purpose built bingo halls came into their own. Fast forward again to 2007 and the public smoking ban…

Oh that was a complete “downer” for the halls but every cloud has a silver lining and online bingo, which had launched in 1996 began to flourish. Wow the ups and downs of the Bingo business. So why is it better to play online bingo? Well it’s obvious you get extra bonuses and promotional offers. Playing in a bingo hall, limited free bonuses are given. To play online bingo for money you must be 18. Gain experience on free ones first before you use your hard earned cash and know your limits. Always play responsibly, that’s a prerequisite.

So let’s set the scene, you are at home in your PJ’s with nothing good on the box, so that’s an excellent time to enjoy yourself with a little online bingo. You can multitask and play because you never miss a number, it’s automatic. The majority of people play on their mobile phone. You have an online chat feature as well so you can forge new friendships with likeminded people. Even celebrities play too, you could be chatting with someone famous, Yikes!!

Anyway be it a superstar or mere mortal always be polite with your interactions with other people and negativity is a big no-no. So enjoy your online bingo, respect your limits and have a blast when it’s convenient for you to play as it’s 24 hours a day, pick a time that suits your lifestyle and BINGO you are sorted…enjoy!

So, what can you expect from bingoholics?

Bingoholics is brought to you by a bunch of Bingoholics (people who are madly in love with Bingo). We’ve got plenty here to keep you entertained, amused and it all revolves around your favourite game.. BINGO.

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One last thing…  please please please remember to gamble responsibly with money that you can afford to lose. We are Bingoholics because we are mad crazy for everything Bingo related but please do try and draw a line between loving bingo and spending too much time or money on Bingo. If you feel you need to talk to someone about gambling issues, please do see the links on the right hand side of our website – they are on every page of this site.