Bingo Nostalgia

Bingo Nostalgia

Some of our older bingoholics might appreciate this journey down memory lane and it is written by a good friend of bingoholics.

Bingo Nostalgia

My first memory of bingo was when I was a kid and my mum and dad took me to the fare, and no it wasn’t Blackpool. The adults were all around a brightly coloured stall which had, in my eyes, an amazing array of sparkling prizes. Then one lady shouted something that I didn’t quite catch and the next minute she was beaming from ear to ear and clutching a canteen of cutlery. All of her friends were patting her on the back and oh, the mood was so jolly. I can still smell the candyfloss and taste the sweet toffee apple. Those were the days my friends, pure heaven. I knew that one day I wanted to win a prize too. I was too young to play but my love affair with bingo started at that moment.

When I was old enough I was ready to play in the plush bingo halls with my friends. We were all dolled up to the nines because it was our kind of entertainment. If one of us got to shout out ‘house’ we were over the moon and that was considered a good night out.

Now that I’m more advanced in years I find myself playing online bingo because it is more convenient to say the least. The joy has definitely not diminished in fact, now I can chat with my online bingo family whilst wearing my comfy slippers. Now that can’t be all bad! So my brain is still ticking along nicely, thank you very much – and I’m having fun – you bet your cotton socks I am. Eyes down for the next game.

So the motto is you’re never too old to play bingo. Give it a try – it keeps your mind active. Million of people throughout this planet play the game and are happy doing so. And if you want to help yourself to a bonus, have a look at our Bingo bonuses page.

And to end this little story – did I get my shiny cutlery set? Well of course I did, my hubby bought it for me!

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