Bingo win – to the rescue

Bingo win – to the rescue

Try as you might, you can’t stereotype a Granny. They come in different skin tones, shapes and sizes, old and not so old, glamorous or otherwise. But one thing they undoubtedly have in common is they have bucketfuls of love and will go that extra mile for their loved ones.

Depending where you hail from, Granny can be Grandma, Nanna, Nonna, Oma, Abuela, Grand-mère, Babushka or YaYa, to name but a few monikers. Seemingly, the Royal great grandkids of the Queen, in the UK, call her Gan Gan in private. No airs and graces there then. Just saying…..

Call them what you wish, they are all the same strong women who have an important role to play in family life. Be it advice givers, free babysitters, fancy sandwich makers, sublime cookie bakers, expert dressmakers or woolly jumper knitters. These superheroes can turn their hand to anything because they come from the make do and mend generation. So think yourself lucky if Granny is alive and kicking. Treasure that gem!


Two babies, who will be forever grateful to their adoring Grandma, are the Hosburgh twins from Canada. The adorable, very cute Harper Christine Beverley Hosburgh weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces; Maxwell Richard Joseph Hosburgh weighed in at 6 pounds 6 ounces. No doubt, when they grow up and learn their story, Grandma will get an extra kiss and cuddle from the awesome twosome.So let me elaborate and tell you more.

Nobody said life was fair. Some people can get pregnant like falling off a log and others find it a major challenge and need help. Jaylyn and Richard fell into the second category and, try as they might, spent years pursuing their dream of starting a family. I’m sure it hurt them when all their friends were sharing their baby news. Nothing worked and after unsuccessful IVF procedures they must’ve felt pretty damn low. Down in the dumps doesn’t go anywhere near describing their disappointment, I’m sure. But they still had the stamina to give it another shot. Finances were against them, as IVF is a costly business but a little miracle, call it what you like, was about to unfold.

Jaylyn phoned her mum Christine Renaud, who incidentally wasn’t feeling that great, to invite her to join her for a mother daughter game of bingo. Somewhat reluctantly, she mustered up the strength and joined her daughter, probably to distract her from dwelling on her fertility issues. They bought 3 cards each and Lady Luck must’ve been on overdrive because the future Super-Gran won the 24,000 dollar accumulator.

Now, I’m sure Christine could have spent her winnings on any number of projects but she had only one purpose in mind for the cash and that was to give her daughter another chance of IVF treatment. She would finance the procedure with her bingo winnings. So with no monetary worries Jaylyn and Richard went full steam ahead buoyed up by her generosity.

Bingo! It worked this time. Her pregnancy wasn’t a walk in the park, sick and feeling rough quite often she soldiered on, but at 36 weeks and 1 day their little darlings were delivered safely. Healthy Harper and Maxwell, their adorable bingo gifts, arrived. Once they said hello to mum and dad, I’m sure they were bombarded with kisses and cuddles from Grandma…. And rightly so!

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