Online slot games

Online slot games

Online Slot games are the current and future when it comes to online gambling

All you ultra hip people out there with your state-of-the-art technology; no need to huff and puff as I’m not about to give you a long history lesson. I know the topic is online slot games and the mere mention of the word online means current, up-to-date, not the day of the dinosaur. Hold your horses, and stick with me for a brief moment. All you slot machine buffs will recognise the name Charles August Fey. Charlie to his mates I presume; who was a pioneer, a founding father of slot machines. A bit of a gaming entrepreneur in his era and his invention Liberty Bell saw the light of day in 1895. It was mechanical; you had to pull the lever to set it in motion. And some will say, how quaint! In 1896 he opened a slot machine factory, so it caught on well, he was on to a real winner. Now fast forward to the 60’s technology and ‘times were really A- changing’. There was a significant flurry of advances in online games in the 1990s. And here we find ourselves today; we are all crazy about online casino slots which we play anywhere, any place or time. So from the past to now in a few short sentences. I wonder what Charlie would think of today’s technology. Amazed, no doubt. The past is the precursor of the future and who knows what is yet to come.

You never go out of your home without mentally saying to yourself, “keys, money, mobile” (and Bingoholics hopefully). And if for some reason, distracted perhaps, you forget your mobile all hell is let loose, you go into major panic and meltdown, as it is part and parcel of your existence. I mean honestly, do you know anyone, who doesn’t have a mobile these days? No, me neither. Seniors may take longer to get to grips with the technology but they do have tech-savvy grandkids who are more than willing to show them the ropes, time and again and again…… They are the ‘pull the lever’ brigade who may have happy memories and stories of a misspent youth, playing on one arm bandits and fruit machines in arcades, pubs, and clubs. And there’s no knocking their memories. So now, like all other mortals, they are playing slot games in the sanctity of their own home; albeit in there comfy slippers and it’s a level playing field. Young and not so young can all play with no age group having an advantage. Now that’s refreshing, ageism isn’t a disadvantage when playing slots on your mobile responsive website of your choice, or on your computer, or tablet. There are slots to appeal to everyone’s taste in games. Variety is the spice of life, is it not?

Starburst is probably the most popular nline slot game in the world

You don’t need to have the IQ of Einstein to play slot games; you don’t need to perform any mathematical counting fetes, or digest and implement pesky rules and more rules. You are free from all that drudgery, as the aim of the game is to transport you to a happy place doing something you enjoy. And somebody must be doing something right because online slot games have a massive following. Maybe it’s because of their simplicity to play, you can switch off mentally from your demanding day job and relax doing something, that ticks all the boxes for you. You can choose classic 3 reel slot games, video slots which have great entertainment value, progressive jackpot slots which you win big money and the list goes on and on….. You pick and play what takes your fancy. Leave your worries on the doormat outside and just soak in the razzmatazz, the lights, the kaleidoscope of colours and the magical feeling when you win and everyone loves to be applauded when they achieve and do well. Now that’s a far cry and a million miles away from a stony faced dealer at a casino; they certainly won’t shower you with praise and good wishes when you win at the tables.

One of the more popular online casino games

Slots can be played for low stakes so if you are on a tight budget that’s a big consideration. And don’t think for a moment that a slot game has a memory. It really doesn’t know if you have been hitting the button for a relative short time or for yonks. So luck has a massive bearing on this. Slots use a Random Number Generator, every spin on a slot is completely random, as the name implies pointedly. The easier the slot game, the worse the odds are. Online slots are played at a fast rate so, be aware, your funds may diminish superfast. To improve your chances pick short-term games that have smaller jackpots. The smaller it is the more likely you will win. Bigger jackpots are a harder nut to crack, as they say. So, whatever you want to spend, how often you want to play, wise up and know your parameters. Never go over the score, enjoy yourself and play within your limits. Happy slotting to all you over-18s and above; no matter how above you are, and if you are a total newbie, play free slots first to gain experience before you splash your cash…Just saying.!!!

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