It’s all hypothetical.

It’s all hypothetical.

If I had a massive bingo win what would I do? Faint is the obvious answer and, after the smelling salts had worked their magic, start to think about my possibilities.

First stop; no messing about, engage a financial advisor, as my new BFF. Got the cash; want to keep it for as long as possible, but want to enjoy it too. So, any sound advice gratefully received to make sure I get the balance right. Note to self: arrange the charitable donation, before all hell’s let loose. Done that…now move on.

Oh! How Cinderella yearns to be transported from cleaning floors and chasing moths; speaks someone who has been traumatized by a moth invasion. Happy to report they have been obliterated by vodka (for them not me), Cedarwood oil, copious amounts of Dettol and a hairdryer. They vanished in an alcoholic disinfectant sort of way, never to return! Sorry, I digress…back to the cash.

Hypothetically, the world is my oyster, so it’s off to Paris. Now’s my chance and I’m grabbing it. I want every cheesy pic of little old me at the Eiffel Tower; ground level, admiring the view at the top, and from my executive suite with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Good grief! I’m fixated, where did all that come from? And I better rein in that me, me, me…not pretty, get a grip girl!

Take the brood to Disneyland, no not Paris, sorry they aren’t included in my Paris adventure. Ok, change of heart, they can come, I was being selfish. Note to self: sharing is caring, remember stay grounded. I’m loaded, pack them all on a plane, not budget, to the USA and take loads of pics of delirious children having a blast. Our family Christmas calendar is going to be amazing this year. OK, done the holiday of a lifetime thingy, now move on.

travel time

I feel I need a new pad with a glorious view of the Mediterranean…now we are talking! Malta could be an option. My mate Christine swears by it, she must have been in every hotel on the island; wall to wall sunshine and free vitamin D for the family. I may be rich but I never turn my nose up at a freebie! The apartment must have ACs, the bigger the better, in every room. I insist on that one. Hot and sweaty is a no no; I’m not putting up with that, in 40 degrees of summer heat.

On to the car: dump the old banger and get a rather swish one with a roof that comes down so I can glide along the coast road, listening to my favourite music. Loud, but not too loud…I don’t want to enrage the noise pollution brigade. Christine said, “Seemingly, they drive on the left, or thereabouts, in sunny Malta!” So that’s a bit of a bonus; won’t get confused at roundabouts and such like.

So, recap…done the donation, holiday’s sorted, pad and car seen to, what next? I need clothes for my nights of fine dining. I do love fancy meals, so I better think about that and arrange my gym membership coz I can feel a bit of a conflict on the horizon…too much fine dining…rather a lot to do in the gym to burn the calories off.

Now I feel calm, as I have got my blueprint, my to-do list, well and truly organised. I’m prepared, if Lady Luck comes a knocking on my door. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and a large G n T ice and a slice, so don’t take too long to arrive…I’m waiting with bated breath.

So enough about me already…I have had my hypothetical moment…and you? Do you have plans?

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