Bingo and Responsible Gaming

Bingo and Responsible Gaming

In life we all have choices; go over the score and we end up in trouble. Fact! Surely nobody wants that, so keeping an equilibrium is key to staying on the straight and narrow. Enjoy what you are doing but when the fun factor diminishes, give it a rest to avoid the unavoidable aggro that will ensue.

The majority of folk are sensible when it comes to gambling their hard-earned dough. They view it as a recreational form of entertainment. You play bingo or online bingo because you love the game…and if you win, what a super duper bonus! Ecstatic, pure joy! But win or lose it’s not going to affect your everyday life now, is it? So you never wager more than you can comfortably lose, you know when to stop, and you still enjoy ‘the chase’ so to speak.

person suffering from responsible Gaming issues

That’s fine and dandy…carry on having a ball with your mates. I don’t think anyone is going to give you a disapproving lecture, as long as your head is screwed on, and you know your limits. Gaming companies want you to gamble responsibly and enjoy the experience, as they value your custom. Simple equation; no punters, no business.

So, now onto the minority. Sadly some people fall into the deluded trap that gambling is an easy way of making money. Not true. Gambling is luck based. They get addicted and the fun entertainment vibes fly out of the proverbial window pretty darn quick; on to the downward spiral…and then professional help is needed.

Everyone has bills that have to be paid for; rent, mortgage, car insurance, food, electricity, etc…the list is endless. Life doesn’t come cheap as the saying goes. Don’t think, for a second, you can gamble your way out of your commitments; they have an uncanny way of catching up on you. You could be lucky…but then, what happens next month when Lady Luck has abandoned you? Surely not a recipe for success! You need to change your mindset. Get real, get back to reality, and get counselling. Family and friends will have noticed your secrecy, your change of mood, and, hopefully, they will be supportive in your quest to get back on an even keel.

Responsible gaming must always take top priority

Online bingo sites keep an eye on a player’s activity; now that’s a step in the right direction if you need saving from yourself and it has become obvious that you are overdoing it. Don’t be afraid to tell your company you have a problem, and need to terminate your account quickly. Notwithstanding, you may ask to be re-admitted at a later date…maybe with some monitored controls strictly in place which allow you to enjoy bingo without the fear of
overindulgence rearing its ugly head again.

Note to all under-18 year-olds…in the UK you are breaking the law if you are gambling online. Bingo is for adults not kids. All reputable sites want people of an appropriate age to follow responsible gaming guidelines. Remember the name of the game is ‘fun’; so let’s keep it that way for all.