Bingo Chat Host / Bingo Chat Moderator

Bingo Chat Host / Bingo Chat Moderator

It sure does help if you are captivated by, bewitched and beguiled by, know the game like the back of your hand before you even consider being a Bingo chat host or Bingo chat moderator. And that’s only for starters… Now comes the hard stuff.

People of a certain age who are not adept around a computer, view it as a bit of an alien, don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of bagging a position as a Bingo Chat Moderator. You must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills and be ultra competent around a computer to have any hope of getting a look in. What is your typing speed like? Bingo Chat Moderator’s can usually type at a rate of knots, super fast, no time to hang around here.


Lucky Pants Bingo CM's

You must show exemplary customer service skills, be willing to work Flexi hours and be a team player with a positive attitude at all times. You must be a quick thinker, no time to dilly dally or faff around in this line of work. How are you feeling so far? Have I put you off? Sorry, and there’s more… No shy violets will be tolerated, as you have to perform your duties and be more than a brilliant communicator so that you attract players’ loyalty and thus build up the brand. You have to have charisma, be a smooth operator, as you are required to make announcements and be informative about promotions. Knowing all the abbreviations and bingo jargon is a must.


Chat games try to emulate the buzz of being in a real, live bingo hall with all the razzmatazz. But you are in a virtual environment you can’t see the other players physically so you have to set the tone and you have to entertain, listen to what is being said, moderate, control and keep things upbeat, happy and on an even keel. You must ensure that no one is being offensive and it’s your duty to spark up conversations with the players to ensure that they are having a good time, enjoying the experience and want to come back for more again and again.

Bingo players are a big happy family, so you need to be a friendly but authoritative figure who they enjoy having around guiding them through the game. Player satisfaction is the key to success. So all you Bingo chat hosts and Bingo Chat Moderators, I take my hat off to you because you must have ticked off all the boxes. All credit to you.

Time to get familiar with and brush up on your Bingo Lingo!