Bingo Lingo

Bingo Lingo

Most Bingo Lingo and calls in the UK date back to wartime and that’s a long time ago. All good things stand the test of time and they surely have! In all honestly we find them really great fun and they add another sparkling element to the bingo game. Some of the calls we don’t actually know where they originated from but we are so used to saying them that they have become second nature to us.

While we love our tradition – we are always looking to modernise the game. If you have any new ones to share with us we will do our best to push them into the game. Who knows, you could be about to invent something that the whole world will be calling soon – isn’t that awesome!

So, without further ado, here’s the current list. Enjoy


1 Kelly’s eye

2 One little duck / Me and you

3 Cup of tea / You and me

4 Knock at the door

5 Man Alive

Half a dozen


Garden Gate

Doctor’s orders

10 Uncle Ben / Cock and Hen

11 Legs

12 One Dozen

13 Baker’s dozen / Unlucky for some

14 Valentines Day

15 Stroppy teen / Rugby team / Young and keen

16 Sweet sixteen / Never been kissed

17 Dancing queen / Often been kissed / Old Ireland / The age to catch ’em

18 Coming of Age / Now you can vote

19 Goodbye teens

20 One score / Getting plenty

21 Key of the door / If only I was

22 Two little ducks / Bishop Desmond / Dinky Doo

23 Thee and me / A duck and a flea

24 Two dozen / Did you score?

25 Duck and dive

26 Pick and mix / Bed and breakfast

27 Gateway to Heaven

28 Overweight / In a state

29 Rise and shine / In your prime

30 Speed limit / Your face is dirty / Burlington Bertie

31 Get Up and Run

32 Buckle my Shoe

33 All the threes / Dirty knees / Two little fleas

34 Ask for More

35 Jump and Jive

36 Three Dozen

37 A Flea in Heaven

38 Christmas cake

39 Those famous steps

40 Two score / Blind 40 / Mary

41 Time for fun

42 The Famous Street in Manhattan

43 Down on Your Knees

44 All the Fours / Droopy drawers

45 Halfway There / Cowboy’s friend

46 Up to Tricks

47 Four and Seven

48 Four Dozen

49 Rise and Shine / PC / Nick Nick

50 Bulls Eye / Half a Century / Hawaii five O

51 Tweak of the Thumb / I love my Mum

52 Chicken Vindaloo / Pack ‘o Cards / Weeks in a Year

53 Here comes Herbie / Stuck in the tree

54 Clean the Floor / House with a Bamboo Door

55 All the fives / Snakes Alive / Double Nickels

56 Shotts Bus

57 Heinz varieties / All the Beans

58 Make them wait / Choo Choo Thomas

59 Brighton Line

60 Five Dozen / Grandma’s getting frisky

61 Baker’s Bun

62 Turn on the screw / Tickety boo

63 Tickle Me

64 Knock on the door / Red Raw / The Beatles Number

65 Stop work / Old Aged Pensioner

66 Clickety Click / All the Sixes

67 Made in Heaven

68 Check Your Weight / Saving Grace

69 Your place or mine / Either way up

70 Blind Seventy / Three Score and Ten

71 Lucky One / Bang on the Drum

72 Par for the Course / Danny La Rue

73 Under the Tree / Queen Bee

74 Candy Store

75 Big Daddy

76 Was She Worth It? / Trombones

77 All the Sevens / Sunset Strip

78 Heaven’s Gate

79 One More Time

80 Gandhi’s Breakfast

81 Stop and run / Corner Shot

82 Straight on Through / Fat lady with a Duck

83 Time for Tea / Ethel’s Ear

84 Seven Dozens

85 Staying Alive

86 Between the Sticks

87 Torquay in Devon

88 Two Fat Laddies / Connaught Rangers

89 Nearly There / All But One

90 Top of the Shop / As Far As We Go / End of the Line


How many of that list did you know and have you got any new/modern ones that we can add? Drop us an email to and let us know!

Right, time to practice calling them out – grab yourself an online Bingo bonus from our bonus page here and best of luck at the tables.