Bingo Security

Bingo Security

Bingo players should be one big happy family and by and large they are. The aim is to have fun in the certain knowledge that you are not being ‘ripped off’ in any way. Just like you protect your ‘nearest and dearest’, when you play online bingo it’s imperative you have the assurance that everything is hunky-dory and totally safe. You want to relax knowing that the site you chose is ultra secure because it’s your money and it was hard-earned. No way should you throw caution to the wind and get your fingers burnt, that would be ‘not on’ and we wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. Bingo security is a hot topic and one that we believe in strongly.

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So first and foremost does the site that you’re playing on have a gambling license and where is that license from? Is it from a reputable gambling license jurisdiction? If yes, it tells you volumes that it’s safe to play with them. If they are registered with the UK Gambling Commission there is a strict set of rules the bingo site have to follow including protecting you and your money. Always have a look at the front page of the Bingo site that you want to play with and you will see the gambling license information at the bottom of the website – if there isn’t any information then don’t be lured into the site. Any bingo site that we promote at bingoholics will always be a licensed company so there is no need to worry about any of the companies in here. Reputable online bingo sites want their customers to be happy – and no kidding, you are precious to them. It’s the same old story that if you’re happy, you’re more likely to tell you friends and they get more business. They won’t want to let you down in any way because bad press sticks.

In the UK, online bingo sites are mightily regulated and they have moderators to make sure that players are not being trolled. Online bingo and their chat rooms have attracted a younger audience to start playing as they love the sociability that it provides. Long gone are the days when bingo was only played by ‘oldies’ in bingo halls. Today it’s not uncommon to see Gran with a state of the art mobile playing online bingo (and we love that concept!) She can thank the grandkids for keeping her up-to-date and tech savvy.

Getting back to bingo security issues – does your site have a Customer Service support system where you can discuss any queries you have? Don’t ever be concerned if your bingo site asks you for a couple of documents to be sent to them – they only ever do this to protect you and to verify who you are and it is a normal procedure. Ultimately if you have nothing to hide then this isn’t an issue and it takes a day or two to verify and your withdrawal will be paid.

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If you’re playing at a site that you find at bingoholics then your bank details will be really secure as they have Secure Sockets Layers (or SSL) and Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure (or HTTPS) so that no one can compromise your data. Saying this, it always helps if your personal computer is safe and has an anti-virus installed to reduce the likelihood of having your computer hacked.

Best of luck, choose through one of the sites that we review by clicking here and you know that you’ll be playing at a reputable site that will do everything in its power to provide you with a fair and fun experience.