Bingo Worldwide

Bingo Worldwide

Bingo and online bingo are played throughout the world – be it in sunny Spain, chilly Russia, (or you never can predict the weather) UK. It is so erratic all to do with the jet streams we are informed. We at have put together a few snippets about bingo being played in the UK, Germany, USA, Sweden, Romania, Canada, Australia and Asia. We hope you enjoy the read of our bingo worldwide snippets and wherever you hang your hat, have a good and fruitful bingo day.


Bingo Worldwide



Australia flag

The population “down under” is somewhat shy of 25 million. In the Land of Oz bingo is affectionately known as “Housie” and is played in community centers, clubs and halls. So it’s long been a well loved social past time, however today online bingo can be played and new sites are popping up on a monthly basis, such is the popularity of the game. Speak to Australians and the general consensus is that bingo games rank highly as being the best fun. Most Aussies sign up with the large bingo sites because they benefit from the great prizes and the large variety of games, the more the merrier. People who do their research and are well informed are usually winners, that’s the way to go! You can use your mobile to play, just imagine sunbathing on Bondi Beach and playing online bingo now that’s “Bonzer” (Awesome to the rest of us)


The United Kingdom

uk flag

The Brits love bingo, it’s firmly embedded in the national psyche. And this love of all things bingo has been going on for donkey’s years. They play in Bingo Halls and try their hand at online bingo too. There are over 100 online bingo sites to choose from. It’s moved on stratospheres from an “oldies” game to being a somewhat hip and cool way to “try your luck” during your leisure time. Young and not so young Brits are really focused on the thrill that bingo gives them.



USA flag

You would think that bingo would be HUMONGOUS in the States, the land synonymous with gaming and Vegas. It isn’t massive but it is growing fast. Americans may have dismissed it slightly due to the fact that they felt the stakes were low and Bingo was a bit too “homey” a game. Something played at church fundraisers and not hip or fashionable. Online bingo sites have blown that notion right out of the park. Americans have now warmed to online bingo and they really love to chat on the chat features which are so appealing to all.



Germany flag

You won’t find many actual bingo halls in Germany. Why you ask? Well it’s not as popular a game in Germany as it is in the UK. Germans tend to feel that bingo is a game played by kids, as a fun way to learn different subjects. Seemingly, by in large, most Germans prefer to play poker, which they consider a more skilful game. In Germany bingo enthusiasts play a lot on international sites, which aren’t regulated in Germany. The German government doesn’t earn any revenue from this activity. But things could change in the future you never know.




The Swedes are “canny” which means that they use good judgement when it comes to them picking an online bingo site. They wish to feel secure that they have got a reputable site. The market is growing and the popularity of the game is increasing in the Land of the midnight sun. Swedes use home-grown sites as well as sites in other countries, most of which are in English.

However some sites do have a Swedish translation which is very handy for them. So they can play bingo comfortably in their own language and this adds to their enjoyment and fun.




Romania has almost 20 million inhabitants, wow that’s a lot of people. The gaming industry is going from strength to strength. The Romanians are getting the online bingo bug big time. Way back the Romanians were enthralled by TV bingo games and this has spurred them on to really enjoy online bingo sites. In 2010 the government made online gambling legal for licensed sites. Foreign companies also got a foothold in the country so online bingo flourished. Romanians are having “a whale of a time” playing bingo as it is accessible to all.



Canada flag

In Canada online bingo is played a lot by ladies in their 30s and 40s. People still frequent traditional bingo halls but more and more people are trying their luck on online sites. Must have something to do with the Canadian weather, is my educated guess. Canadians can play in the comfort of their own home on their Mobile, Tablet or Computer. The sites are ever on the lookout for new players so they make it very attractive to join. The sites are awash with bonuses and promotions. It is absolutely fine to play online bingo in Canada it is totally above board but you must respect the age limit, that’s obvious.



There are 48 countries in Asia plus some other territories, also known as dependencies, which include: Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. China’s population is the highest with a staggering 1,415,045,928 people for 2018 and Brunei with a mere 434,076 in comparison. Asia is the earth’s largest and most populated continent.

So what is the current situation with Online Bingo? The online bingo sites can see the potential in Asia and want to attract as many players as they can. So the more attractive their offers are, the more lucrative it is for them. Online gambling in China, Japan and Taiwan are flourishing. It’s the younger generation who are most enthralled and are taking up the challenge the most. If you are travelling to Asia it is extremely important to make sure you know the local laws regarding online Bingo. You don’t want to find yourself in a predicament. Better safe than sorry is the motto. So do your homework and wise up before you go, is our strong advice.