Tippett Strategy

Tippett Strategy

The very posh sounding; Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett was a British statistician who was born in 1902 in London and died in 1985. He spent most of his life writing mathematical formulas and published a number of books during his life. His theory on Bingo, when compared to most of his work throughout his life, could be expressed as relatively simple.

So, what’s the Tippett strategy about?

In a book called ‘Random Sampling Numbers’ Tippett quotes: “As a random sample is increased in size, it gives a result that comes closer and closer to the population value”.

What that means in your and my language is that the longer a Bingo game goes on then there is more chance that the numbers drawn will be closer to the average of 38 (in 75 ball bingo) and 45 (in 90 ball bingo). If the game is shorter then the likelihood is that numbers will be more scattered.



How do I make the best use of the Tippett strategy?

So, firstly try to recognise whether you’re playing a longer or shorter version of the game.

If you’re playing 75 ball bingo then you simply need to look at the pattern you need to win the game. If it is a complex pattern the that would suggest that it is a longer version of the game, and a less complicated pattern with less numbers would signify a shorter version of the game that would need less numbers called out.

If you’re playing a 90 ball game then that would be considered as a longer version automatically.

If you are playing a shorter game, make sure that you choose tickets/cards that have more low and high numbers.

If you are playing a longer variant of the game then choose your bingo tickers/cards with more numbers in the middle.

Hats off to Mr Tippett for the Tippett strategy and do let us know if this technique works out for you – we’d be delighted to hear your stories. Contact us @ postyourbet@gmail.com. If you want to have a read of the Granville strategy which is another method of trying to win in Bingo you can do so by clicking here.


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